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Created by and starring Wesley Taylor and Alex Wyse, this Emmy nominated and Indie Series Award winning comedy-drama follows two homebody roommates as they navigate the boundaries of their no-boundaries friendship.

Season Three

Written, Directed, Edited, and Created by:  Wesley Taylor and Alex Wyse

Executive Producers: Jim Kierstead, Michael Kushner, Jim Head


Producers: Cody Lassen, Wesley Taylor, Alex Wyse, Jack Sharkey, Tye Blue, Susan A. Thomas, Denise Wyse, Robert Wyse, Betsy Driben-Lichtman, Jenny Ainsworth, Steven Tylor O'Connor

Cinematographers: Paris Remillard, Tyler Gustin, Brandon Smithson, Michael Kushner


Makeup Artists: Lindsay Lavin, Kenneth Griffin, Jenna Wittman


Sound Engineers: Vera Quispe, James Wasserman, Jake Bolles

First Assistant Director: Ryan Allen Gray

Production Manager: Emily Austin


Theme Song: Max Mueller


Additional credits at IMDB.

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